Our commitment is to hold space for deep inquiry, widening perspectives and emergent possibilities. This journey will support you best if you are seeking:

  • A NEW STORY FOR YOURSELF: A safe place to untether from first half of life identity shackles and build capacity for joy, meaning and contribution in the second half of life.

  • A COMMUNITY OF TRUST AND COMPANIONSHIP: A group of peers unafraid to accompany one another through the complexities and contradictions of midlife passage. 

  • SUPPORT IN BECOMING WISE: The opportunity to cultivate wisdom and embrace midlife as a necessary and challenging apprenticeship to elderhood.

  • A SENSE OF RENEWAL: Though this is a journey without a clear destination, we expect to emerge, both individually and collectively, with greater clarity, courage and vitality.


If you feel called to join us please get in touch with Neena at janeena@thirdspacecoaching.com.

Please share a few words about what calls you into this midlife enquiry and what hopes you have for our journey together. Please also indicate what level of financial contribution you can make. Bear in mind that we cannot confirm any supported places until we are assured of sufficient funds coming in from sustainable and supporting financial contributions. Here are more details about our solidarity economy.

If you are not yet sure whether this is the right opportunity for you and would like us to support your discernment, we would be glad to arrange a call with you. Again, please email janeena@thirdspacecoaching.com. You may find it helpful to spend some time contemplating these questions before we speak.

What is your experience of midlife?  What questions are you living with at this time? What challenges are arising? What new possibilities are coming into view? What longings are present? How do you feel joining this community might be life-giving for you? What would you like to contribute?

Applications will close once we are a group of 14 collectively able to fund the journey.