We’re gathering a community of people who find themselves in midlife with all its challenges and possibilities. Our intention is to meet regularly supporting another to think and feel deeply into this time of transition.

We want to create a space of collective enquiry and discovery – somewhere to bring our curiosity, our compassion and our creativity.

Three years ago we were introduced to one another by our dear friend Justin Wise. He felt we were traversing some similar life-territory and might find walking together for a while could be helpful to us both. So we set off with often unsuitable footwear, awkward bags, open eyes and hungry hearts.

There are many ways we could describe the landscape we’ve been inhabiting. By turns confusing, arresting, comical, devastating and liberating. We’ve come to know it as our midlife passage – a necessary, albeit confounding, growing-up into the second-half of our lives.

While it’s mysterious and upending, being alongside one another has made a world of difference. Our companionship has allowed us to keep walking and opening to what this part of life might be calling for.

We’re now at a point where asking others to join us feels like a natural, next life-giving step.


Here are some wonderings we’ve been in. As we’ve shared them with friends, family and colleagues, they seem to resonate deeply. Perhaps there are many more of us who find ourselves at this threshold, asking similar questions.

We are living longer lives than ever before. What will we do with these precious, never-before-lived years, for our own sake and the sake of the world? For those of us fortunate enough to live into our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, we wonder about the evolutionary possibility that later-life affords us.

What happens when the first-half-of-life, with all its necessary preoccupations and obligations around our selves and our closest others unravels?

It can feel like we no longer know ourselves, or what we’re obviously supposed to do.

What then? Do we try and scramble back to known habits and structures or can we open to some new kind of incarnation? If this is evolution, what kind of simple or radical service might the world be calling for? Maybe what feels like an undoing is simply an invitation into a new-doing.


We invite you simply to bring your wonderings and experiences to our time together. Those wonderings may well be the seed of some more expansive life or possibility that’s taking shape in you. Who knows how long the seed will take to grow but this year together could be the necessary ground: the water, warmth, wind and nourishment needed for it to take root and unfurl. That’s our intention.

Conditions we’ve found to be helpful in navigating this territory have informed our design for the arc of the year:

  • Committing to meet regularly once a month either for an evening or whole day.

  • Being in the warm, holding environment of our homes and their surrounds eating, walking, talking and learning together.

  • Forming a group that allows for meaningful, spacious conversation fourteen people only.

  • Bringing together a community of creative contribution we all bring the resources we can to the journey – skills, wisdom, finances.

  • Inviting guest speakers and facilitators to support us bringing in the inspiration and support of gifted guides.

  • Drawing on new and traditional sources to open our hearts and minds afresh. Articles, books, poetry, research, music, art. Including and working with the physical body every step of the way

  • Sharing developmental practices and rituals as we go.


If you’re feeling drawn to join us, you’ll find details of dates, locations and who who else is coming on the following pages. You’ll also find our thoughts on how we can all contribute. We imagine everyone of us bringing the skills and resources we can to create an economy of solidarity.

We’re dedicated to this being a very special, robustly-supported year together. Alongside regular enquiry, conversation and development, we will bring in gifted guest contributors, eat good food, be in beautiful spaces and provide you with the books and materials needed to accompany you along the way.

We do hope you can be with us. Who knows what might emerge if we travel this midlife passage together for a while.