We’ll meet monthly between January and December 2019. Sometimes we’ll gather for an evening, sometimes we’ll spend a full day together. Midway through our journey, we’ll spend a weekend together in a magical secret wood near London.

Journeying across a full lunar year is a key part of our inquiry around the passage of time. It will allow us to explore stories, rituals and ceremonies associated with many different calendars as well as the movement of planets and the cycle of seasons. Themes and topics for each gathering may change in response to the interests of the group.

Our London base will be at Sophie’s home in London Fields, Hackney. We’ll also visit Neena’s home in Suffolk in July. A simple seasonal meal will be provided each time we gather, with all dietary needs catered for.

For the sake of building and strengthening our community, we ask that you don't expect to miss more than two of the gatherings.

Here are the dates:

FULL DAY: Sunday January 20, 10.00 - 18.00, London
Taking our place in this new community, exploring the space between individual, collective and systemic stories.

EVENING: Tuesday February 12, 17.30 - 21.00, London
Focusing on the midlife body, exploring the grace, gravity, challenge and opportunity of our human flesh and blood.

FULL DAY: Sunday March 10, 10.00 - 18.00, London
Learning from myth and archetypes with Lesley Quilty from Olivier Mythodrama/ Findhorn Foundation.

EVENING: Tuesday April 2, 17.30 - 21.00, London
Exploring joy and sorrow, truth and transformation through movement and music.

EVENING: Tuesday May 7, 17.30 - 21.00, London
Reading T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets together, seeking solace and guidance from this masterpiece of midlife poetry.

WEEKEND: 11.00 Saturday June 8 - 15.00 Sunday June 9, Hazel Hill Wood, Wiltshire
Exploring deep time and midlife learnings from the natural world with Andy Raingold from Change In Nature.
There will be a small additional cost for accommodation on Saturday night, between £20 - £60 depending your choice of room.

FULL DAY: Sunday July 7, 11.00 - 18.00, Suffolk coast
A summer gathering at Neena’s house in Ufford including a walk together along the Suffolk heritage coast.

EVENING: Tuesday 10 September, 17.30 - 21.00, London
Using the 'start of term' to explore what it means to begin in the middle, staying perpetually fresh and curious to the world.

EVENING: Tuesday 1 October, 17.30 - 21.00, London
At harvest time, we’ll be reaping the learning from our journey so far, and asking what it means to live into the autumn of our lives.

FULL DAY: Sunday 10 November, 10.00 - 18.00, London
Using Remembrance Sunday to reflect on the wisdom of our ancestors and consider how future generations may remember us.

EVENING: Tuesday 10 December, 17.30 - 21.00, London
A final celebration and closing ritual to mark the end of our year of pilgrimage together.


We are extending an invitation not offering a product.

We want to enter into a wholehearted relationship with everyone who joins as co-producers of this community. We are giving our time and homes freely and anticipate many forms of generosity from everyone involved.

Together we also need to generate sufficient financial resources to pay for meals, books, creative materials, visiting contributors, occasional venue hire and administrative support. We recognise different people’s financial positions and aspire to create an economy of solidarity. Alongside financial contributions to our collective pot, we are very grateful for contributions in the form of skill sharing, administrative support and preparation of the meals we’ll share together.

Please look at the suggested contributions and decide what you are able to give so that everyone can take what they need. We do not want money to be a barrier to participation so please feel free to talk to us about what is financially possible for you.

  • Supporting Contribution £1600
    This pays your contribution and makes participation possible for someone with less economic means.

  • Sustainable Contribution £1400
    This reflects the basic real cost required to make our journeying together viable.

  • Supported Contribution £1200
    This reflects a partial bursary toward the cost of your participation and is made possible by those able to contribute more financially.