Neena Sims is a coach and facilitator, poet and mother.  She’s a co-owner of thirdspace coaching and Park Sims Associates, both places where she finds herself surrounded a community of people who welcome her explorer’s heart.  She’s drawn to learning and teaching through the body, using play and sensory experience. She recently trained as a practitioner of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.

"As I track back over the past 40 years, I can clearly see my good intentions, my efforts to excel, be special or liked or simply good enough to make a living. I still feel the pull of it.  But I now also feel the pull of something else - older and wilder and unknown, which has nothing to do with playing nice and everything to do with contribution. I catch the scent of it sometimes and then it’s moving again. This journey might just be the music I need to meet it, move with it and dance.”

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Sophie Howarth is a teacher and writer, maker and mother, lover of trees and poetry. Best-known as the co-founder of The School of Life and founder of Department Store for the Mind, she is also faculty lead at Year Here, and author of a number of photography books. Currently training as a Spiritual Director, influenced by both Christian and Buddhist traditions, Sophie supports social leaders to act wisely in a time of crisis and confusion.

"I lived the first half of my life at quite a frantic pace, achieving plenty but feeling little. Midlife has put me through the wringer, unravelling much of what once propped me up. It has been a summons to surrender and an opening to grace. With this invitation, I am honouring my own calling to step into a slower, more contemplative and connected way of life."

Joining Neena and Sophie are Emma Wallace (artist-in-residence for the pilgrimage), Justin Wise, Vanessa Chamberlin, Iain Christie, Ann-Mari Freebairn, Frances Armes, Philip Robbins, Annie Goulden, Hillary Wigston, Jacqueline Bradley, Andy Rogers, Jenni Isaac and Jennifer Pirtle.

The group for 2019 is now complete and applications are closed.

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